What to expect at your first consultation

Before coming to the appointment you will have completed a short questionnaire covering personal details and a brief health history, which you will bring to the session.

The appointment takes place in a comfortable setting.  The first appointment involves a full case-taking covering all aspects of your life as well as the particular health concern or issue which you are seeking help for. 

A form of muscle response testing may be used to ascertain (for example) bodily systems needing support or drainage, substances causing stress within the body, sensitivities or allergies and priorities for treatment.

I first consulted Julie about 13 years ago as I had anxiety and my asthma was troubling me. She peels the layers off, understanding the depth and getting to the core of the problem. Her remedies have helped me through some tough times”
— Jilly, Barnet

Treatment is likely to include one or more of the following:

What to expect at the follow-up consultation

You will report back on your progress and response to treatment so far, which will lead to a revised treatment plan. 

The number of appointments and their frequency varies depending on the complexity of the problem being addressed.  Chronic health issues of long-standing usually take longer to resolve.  More acute problems might need only one or two appointments.  Infants and young children are usually very responsive to treatment and recover quickly.